pastor's update

July 6, 2017

Church Family,

The third session of our Summer VBS/Sunday School continues this week during the 9:30 Bible study hour.  All chidren are encouraged to invite friends to attend with them.

This Sunday we  return to our 1 Timothy study during the 10:45 morning worship assembly.  We'll speak on "Conduct In The Church" from 1st Timothy 3:14-16.

We are entering into the head of the summer vacation season.  Travel safely and relax if you are going to be away from us.  Be faithful to the Lord's House if you are in town.

Praises this week:

*Rejoicing in Garrett's salvation last week at senior high camp *Kolter rejoined his Montana church family last week *Three members are recovering well from recent surgeries *The I. Smith family has moved back to town *A member has a date set for his heart surgery

Prayer requests:

One member's child is in the hospital with pneumonia

Two members continue with cancer treatment

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June 22, 2017

Family Camp - "FC"

Between the insert info in the June newsletter and the information sent in the email from Judy yesterday, you know the who, what, when, and where of this year's "Family Camp".  So I want to take just a moment to explain the "why" of "FC".

A church family is one large family made up of many smaller family units.  Families are built upon the relationships that her members have with each other.  Those relationships are built and strengthened through time spent together, communication, shared experiences, and many other components.  One of the main reasons we have a "FC" is for the members of FBC to get outside the 4 walls of the church, in a relaxed atmosphere, to spend time getting to know each other better.  Our "FC" provides a wonderful environment for this to take place!

For various reasons some cannot do the camping aspect of our "FC", but even if you cannot spend the night on Friday or Saturday, I would encourage you to try to make it up for part of the day on Saturday, including the evening meal provided by the church around 6:00 (ie - Dave Deskin's smoked pork shoulders on Friday night and Saturday and it is served with taters and gravy and corncobs).  An even better choice would be to come up Sunday morning for the morning worship service at 10:00 (Jim Patzer, a potential assistant pastor prospect will be preaching) and then stay for a lunch provided by the church afterwards.  Bring your lawn chairs because we plan to hang around and fellowship till at least 1:00.

Yours for a healthy church family,

* Just an FYI, the trip from Montana City to Lion's Sunshine Camp takes less than an hour and the scenery is incredible!  Some may want to consider car-pooling, that would add a couple extra hours of Christian fellowship while traveling.

** Don't forget Bob & Pat Biers 50th wedding anniversary celebration at the church from 2-4.

**Senior camp is next week.  Campers, please meet at the church at 8:30 on Monday morning.